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    hey guys, lexicomp has a 25% off promotion for all of their products.

    they support and continue to support webOS ("I know we are working on software that will be compatible with the new version of Palm WebOS2.0 that is coming out"). Since epocrates will be abandoning us, this is a good choice.

    25% off, third year is free...not bad, in the grand scheme of things. i purchased lexicomp drugs and interact for $172 total with this discount, for three years, which comes out to ~$58 per year.

    better yet, if you wind up leaving webOS and choose another device, they also support blackberry OS, ios, android, pocket pc, and palm OS...and the software can be transferred for free without re-purcashing. "Any active PDA subscription can be switched to a new device at no additional charge. To be eligible for the transfer the subscription must be active and the account in good standing. Please remove the software from the previous PDA to stay in accordance with the Lexi-Comp ON-HAND End User License Agreement."

    Here's the link for the discount. The discount code is DEC25B, and its only good thru Dec 31.

    Good riddance epocrates.
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    They still don't have anything equivalent to Epocrates Rx.
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    lexicomp is pretty good, been using it extensively today. Good drug drug interaction, way more tables and charts than epocrates, and alot more clinical info re: meds. Only thing missing is pill ID. That's where the mobile epocrates site may be useful...would recommend using palmdoc's drugview to access the site.
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    used my money to buy Pepid...

    Kinda hard to shell out some more for Lexicomp.

    I found the interface of Lexicomp harder to use than Pepid and ePocrates for general use... has it changed any?
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    lexicomp is pretty straightforward. Just type the name of the drug and it shows up. When the drug shows up you can either scroll for dosing etc, or jump to a section individually by clicking the box in the upper right hand corner.

    epocrates was simple as well, but no point talking about them any more.

    never used pepid. How much is their app?
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    I'll stick with Epocrates till it dies. Lexicomp will probably have another sale going on to battle for Epocrates users then. At that point, I'll probably have a better idea of the future of WebOS and developer interest too, so I'll see if I even stick with this OS. Seeing how the current prognosis is, I'm pretty unwilling to drop much money on the OS.
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    I agree, but like I mentioned earlier the best part is the subscription is transferrable to another device, so if you choose to jump to another platform you won't lose your investment. Anyway im not a salesman for the company but I found this offer too good to pass up. Epocrates has already stated they are leaving webos behind, so they've lost my support after 10years. even If they come back it won't be next year
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    I did the trial for both Pepid and Lexicomp, but couldn't find comparative formulary info, which is an essential component for me. ePocrates did that really well IMHO. So neither of these will work for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ABQMD View Post
    I did the trial for both Pepid and Lexicomp, but couldn't find comparative formulary info, which is an essential component for me. ePocrates did that really well IM
    HO. So neither of these will work for me.
    I don't think epocrates on webOS does formularies either...
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    Yes, you are correct. ePocrates on Classic does do formularies, and that is what I'm using for the most part even though Classic is very slow compared to ePocrates on native webOS. And I don't see why ePocrates could have a beta version on Android that does do formularies, but they couldn't/wouldn't do it for webOS. Aren't both Android and webOS Linux-based? If so, how difficult could it be to port to both OSes?
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    well, I think it was a half hearted attempt by epocrates to make an incomplete webOS product. Sorta understandable given webOS' place in the marketplace, but I'm a firm believer that if you start something, you should finish it...and epocrates didn't do that with webOS.

    Regardless, at this point in time, lexicomp and pepid have both confirmed their intentions to continue webOS development. That's a big plus.
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    For those of you who are military health care providers, Lexi-Comp was awarded the gov't contract. You can get access to online Lexi-Comp as well as the mobile version for 100% free. All you need is a .mil email address. Call Jeffrey Zapp, Lexi-Comp Director of Government Contracts, at 1-800-837-5394.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    I seriously doubt this guy wants to field calls from every mobile health care user worldwide.
    First, it's not every moblie health care user worldwide. It's only active duty military health care users. And he actually he does want us active duty folks to contact him. Lexi-Comp wants military providers to use their system, and this access is currently being underutilized. Mr. Zapp specifically asked me to pass the information along to as many military providers as I could.
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    does the android version do formularies? How different is the epocrates on android from webOS?
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    oh and I bought the Lexicomp for a year $50 with discount...
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    Epocrates on Android is pretty similar to WebOS, except has formularies. Also, the notices were done better - could be scrolled, etc.

    However, one of the reasons I came back to the Pre was because I got burned so many times this year prescribing meds that Epocrates said was covered for a pt, and then getting the annoying call from the pharmacy that what ever it was wasn't covered. I am starting to think that the only formularies worth remembering is the Walmart $4 and Medicaid formularies. So the hassle of a device without Synergy or reliable Bluetooth and GPS just wasn't worth the formularies any more, for me.

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