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    I am having problems downloading the new 1.5 version of facebook app.

    I go to the app catalogue and click to download and it just gets stuck on 'downloading' but never does. I left it running over night and it still didn't download. I have tried deleting the beta (which already works very well for me) and restarting but to no avail. Weird thing is the rest of the app catalogue downloads work perfectly, even tried re-downloading the beta version and no problems.

    If you are wondering why I want the 1.5 version opposed to the beta it is because I have heard there are improvements and tweaks in 1.5 that the beta doesn't have.

    Can anybody help or is anybody else having this problem???
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    I can't even find version 1.5 in the App Catalog.

    note: this is a rhetorical statement/post.
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    no problem downloading it for me. I didn't find any difference between the two, so if you have the beta, I don't think you're missing anything. The only difference will be once the implement the chat, which supposedly is coming "in the coming months" (knee-slapper)
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    I'm having the same problem. I've tried restarting, deleting the beta, and everything else I can think of. I've resorted to trying to find the ipk online somewhere. Glad I'm not the only one...

    One thing that is strange is that 1.5 is about double the size of the latest beta.
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    This is not an isolated case because if you check the reviews in the official app catalogue a few users have commented about it not downloading!!

    So the obvious question is why can some people download it and others can't?

    Edit: Just posted a new topic in the facebook for webos discussion board. If you are having the same problem post here.
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    WOW! I'm a big Facebooker, and the Palm Pre FB app has long been a huge source of irritation for me, as it frankly sucked. But this Facebook 1.5 i just downloaded is awesome! I can finally Facebook on my phone pretty much the same way i do on my desk and laptops.
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    yah... I dont get it too. I can't find it on app catalog. Can u up file to Interner and share link for me, please?

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