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  • Yes, I would pay. The price for a Europe map could be about 40-50 Euro.

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    Hi all,

    perhaps we will be able to buy some professional maps and sell them with Navit. To make it clear you will only pay for the map not for Navit, as Navit is GPL.

    At the moment we may have that chance only for Europe maps. Perhaps later for other maps too.

    We do not know if this will come true, but I would like to have a feeling before we invest the time.

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    I want it for USA maps. Why isn't that a choice?
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    I would if it all came pre-installed or bundled together. (also USA)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I want it for USA maps. Why isn't that a choice?
    It is a licensing problem. We have a contact to company that have a license of a professional Europe map for Navit. We could try if they sell us sub licenses on a per map base.

    If we start it for Europe we can see if we are able to get this kind of deal for US and Canada too. The problem is that the original license is extremely expensive as the professional map services do not sell there maps on a per user base.

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    I'd do it, depending on the price. I bought Tom Tom for my Treo, and bought European maps for it for trips.

    So if the same came out for the Pre, sure.
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    yes, but first I want Navit gets a GPS fix on my Pre2. I hope someone find a solution for this problem.
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    I think it's a good idea. I would gladly improve my navit install with maps of a professional quality, based on up-to-date NavTech data. The whole of Europe for 40-50 EUR would be reasonable, IMHO. Garmin wants 93,- EUR for City Navigator® Europe NT.
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    I would pay, as long as I can get a fix on my PRE2 and it's possible to search for country, city, street, number and manage POIs (speed-traps alerts would also be interesting...) A nice plus would be the possibility to save our "bookmarks" online.
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    To be honest, I'd love any application that works and gets the job done. I can't say Google Maps does this and Sprint Navigation is limited by needing cell coverage for map data.

    Also note, I haven't looked at Navit in over 3 months and had problems with the original and early releases so I need to try the new releases and see what has been improved and updated. Thanks and keep up the great work. Sorli...
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    Not until the Navit user interface is vastly improved.
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