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    Zumodrive acquired by motorola

    Motorola eyes cloud-based media streaming, acquires ZumoDrive maker | BGR | Boy Genius Report

    will be integrated into motoblur.

    this for sure means goodbye to zumodrive on web os

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    Well that bites... I like ZumoDrive. This goes to show that HP knows that cloud-based services are an integral part of the mobile market and that's why they went in such a huge buying spree after they grabbed Palm. Zumo is one that I actually use quite often though.
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    that sux... now i need another servioce.. i gotta delete all my stuff from there servers now
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    little confusing, article over at cnet re: this states that zumodrive will stay intact for apple's ios, but zumocast will not.

    regardless, you gotta think there's no way motorola will keep this service around for anyone else
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    Yet another kick in the nutz!! When will it end?
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    As part of the transition, the distribution of Zecter’s ZumoCast software will be suspended while enhancements are made. Existing ZumoCast users may continue to enjoy the service without interruption. Motorola Mobility will provide regular updates for ZumoCast users as well as exciting future plans for this service. The ZumoDrive solution will be unaffected.

    I don't see anything in the article that says that "this for sure means goodbye to zumodrive on webOS". In fact it clearly states that "The ZumoDrive solution will be unaffected". Why all the fuss over a cloud services company being aquired by another company. Chances are that Motorola is just seeking additional capabilities for its MOTOBLUR service platform and will not knock off existing Zecter products or cloud-based content sync, access and sharing services.
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    You never know... It may continue to work as it does now even if it was to be pulled from the app catalog.
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    Considering ZumoDrive has contracts with other sites like Yahoo, AT&T, and others to integrate into those services, I'd be surprised to see them dump the app from multiple mobile platforms. It's not like MS bought it.

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