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    Season's Greetings Everyone.

    We use the Sprint 4G network in New Jersey.
    My youngest son constantly misplaces his cell phone.
    My family owns several Sprint 4G devices: 1 WebOS, 2 Android, 1 RIM.

    What WebOS app can I use to locate/track all of my family's Sprint phones if any get misplaced, lost, or stolen?

    Thank you.
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    If you have Verizon they have a app from assurion that will help if you do not have Verizon then the only other way i can remember is this link How to Set Up Google GPS Tracking on your Palm Pre! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!

    i know there is another program but not sure if it still exists
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    If your on Sprint you can try Sprint Family Locator
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    Isn't there a way to locate the phone from Palm's web site? Seems I remember reading something about that when I first activated my Pre and was setting up the profile?
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    Sounds like like he's on Sprint. Use family locator from Sprint. It's an extra $5 bucks a month for the serviice but GPS locators for phones is not an on the spot service. You're going be off from 20yds to 100yds.sometimes more if not in a direct line of sight to a GPS sat. Why don't make your son keep up with his phone. If he loses the next one buy him the ugliest dumbest phone you can find and tell him this is what you get when you can't keep up with your get crap! Sorry for the mini rant....i just hate it when parents cover for there kids instead of making them own up to there responsabilties.
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    Anyone can lose or misplace a phone. Adults do it also.
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    Yeah I know...but adults know the value of what they loose. But as far as your location tools I looked @ all the choices I had in mind for you and none will have a pin point locale. The closest that I got was 10yds and I was outside. Inside I got 17yds....that was with using Sprint Family locator.
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    Yep using SFL now. Adieu.
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    you have a sprint 4g webOS device?
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    Just go to your pc, sprint account, make web account if you don't have one, you get a free trial of sprint family locator. You can know where the phone is with in the next ten mins.,,,, and I just realized this post is two weeks well, use advice for next time.

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    Google Latitude
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    Quote Originally Posted by millworkman View Post
    you have a sprint 4g webOS device?
    Must be the new Pre4

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