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    As I look to the near future I have to resolve to myself I may have to get a new phone that runs a different OS. I love my original Pre on Sprint but as I look at the clock its only a matter of time before my Pre dies and Sprint will not have a replacement for me. So before I have to leave our beloved WebOS I want to get all my important information (contacts, etc.) moved to a safe spot so I can one day be ready to move that info to a new phone running a different OS. Ah if Sprint would only get a new Palm phone.... but anyway I'm looking for suggestions.
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    There is no app that can do that but try this :
    This makes a copy of your contacts to import into gmail..
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    There is any even easier way. I did this via chat with Palm, because I want to have a backup copy myself:
    1.) Dial ##66623#
    2.) Tap Cellebrite Export
    3.) When it is done, connect the phone to the computer
    4.) Select USB drive then Open the Palm Pre drive
    5.) Make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is selected in your pc (folder options)
    6.) Open the TEMP folder
    7.) A file called "PIMmigration" will be inside the TEMP folder, copy this file to the desktop.
    It will show one contact, BUT! now open your gmail, go to your contacts & pick more actions & import the vcard from where you saved it. ALL the contacts will move to Google/Gmail.
    viola! done!
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    You don't really say, but I'm assuming your contacts are now just in the Palm Profile account and not synced to anywhere?

    If you don't have any other preference, I always recommend that webOS users sync their contacts (and calendar) to Google. Almost any other OS will support this (obviously Android will), and even if they don't it's pretty easy to export the data and put it in a different format. As you say, having that data only in Palm Profile is not "safe".
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    Thanks for the information. The procedure listed above to import into Google, is that the easiest / best way to move the info to Google?
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    importing into google is very easy. You just choose import contacts from your browser and it will pull them right in.
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    the google is the way to go, Its quick too as soon as i add in phone i c it on google. i also have set google as default.
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    nice to know

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