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    Regards, slacker plus subscribers. There will be no station caching for webOS "in the meantime."
    I ask and am disappoint.

    Customer (REDACTED REDACTED) 12/20/2010 08:15 AM
    I am using the webOS mobile version of slacker and cannot find an option for
    station caching. Is that a feature that is missing or planned for
    smartphones running HP's webOS?

    Response (Charles B.) 12/20/2010 04:18 PM
    At this time caching will not be available on WebOs, this could change in the future but not in the meantime.
    Best regards,
    Charles B
    Slacker Support
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    That is one reason why I will not be renewing my Plus subscription coming up

    That and Slacker has only released 1 update for their app on Palm, so I'm pretty sure they've dumped support for WebOS and still leave us lacking notification support, caching, and wireless caching...
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