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    I really like to see a similar app like "FourTrack" (SononaWirWorks) for the Palm Pre.

    Unfortunately I can't post links and images since I'm new to the forum .YOu have to google by yourself to check out my suggestions.

    FourTrack works on the iPhone and in addition to this one here - Alesis ProTrack - this is fine little workaround for recording tracks.

    I used the search function here but didn't find anything so far. "zCorder" is an app but I don't know if that is usable for my issue.

    - Are their any plans for such a thing?
    - Is the Pam Pre environment usabel for such recording tasks?
    - Is there a way to apply external mics to the Pre (Plus)?
    - What about latency issues?

    Cheers Jens
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