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    1. switch on the 'wlan needed' setting
    2. open the notes you want to see offline
    3. switch off your wlan connection
    4. for every open note switch to 'edit-view' and go back (changes are not needed)

    Now all these notes can be found in 'pending uploads' until wlan is available the next time.

    I admit this needs a bit planing ahead, but therefore it is a workaround .
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    I found another workaround to viewing Evernotes without being connected (off-line).

    - Export Evernote Notes to an archive, and select/use the HTML file format archive option
    - Select all (or just the particular notes you want offline), and export them to a file on your desktop
    - Next, copy that Evernote archive file (HTML) to your Palm Device (I'm using a Pre3)
    - Then using the pReader app ... open it up and select "Add book to library"
    - Navigate to the folder with the HTML files for your Evernote notes ... select it, and all those HTML Evernote notes should become part of your pReader library.

    Upside - now have a local (offline) copy of all my notes in my pReader library that is easy to view/use
    Downside - no security features, etc. work in the pReader app which the online Evernote app has

    Works on my TouchPad too (which is WiFi only).

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