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    Ok, Ive done a good search for how to fix this myself but I am getting lost and a little overwhelmed.

    Ive installed WebOS Quick Install and connect the Pre (I also press "Just Charge" when it pops up). When I go to install Preware and Govnah, WebOS Quick Install tells me "Error 1 Cannot connect ".

    Any ideas as to why? ve rebooted the phone, the pc, and double checked that Im in Dev mode.

    Any ideas would be great as Im dying to join the 800Mhz club.
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    Try this:

    Disconnect the phone. Restart the phone and the PC completely before connecting them. Then plug in the phone, choose "just charge" and start QuickInstall.

    Restarting the phone while connected to the PC doesn't always work.
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    Thanks for the info, it worked.

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