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    Hello everyone

    I write here in desperation. I was just about to buy the "full" classic app the day after... they took it off

    Ok I get the point that Classic would not work with WebOS 2
    However I have a Palm Pre Plus with WebOS 1.4.5 and I m ready to buy Classic even if I understand that it would stop working should I ever decide to upgrade my WebOS to 2 (which I doubt I d do as I am very content with current WebOS functionality)

    the problem is : where to find it? or where to get a code that would make the demo version work permanently

    I m very frustrated that because they could not develop a new version they decided to stop selling the one they already have and it works very well with existing hardware...

    please tell me what I should do (there are a load of apps from PalmOS that have not (yet?) be ported to WebOS, especially very simple development apps like HotPaw and such)

    thank you for any help


    oh and for those of you around that are going to go "HotPaw, Palm Basic! who the hell still program in those language!" I know I m quite backward but really a lot can be done in a standalone program (that dont require live access to any data from the web or sensors) in a procedural program rather than having to deal with all the complication of object-oriented language sorry

    lets say a basic calculator or unit converter is way easier to program in procedural language than in object oriented one... at least that's my view
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    Did you send e-mail to MotionApps?
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