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    I recently got Dishnetwork service and have the PVR922 "Sling Loaded" receiver. If I had an Iphone I could watch live TV on it. Has anyone heard of an app for the Pre that would do the same. In fact I seem to have a lot of trouble opening many of the video attachments on emails. Whats the best app for that and reading MS Word documents too (.doc) Soap
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    I would also love a slingplayer for the Pre... unfortunately, I just don't see it happening. I was expecting we might see something with Flash, but with that turning out to be straight vaporware for Pre 1, I'm not expecting to get slingplayer until pre 2 at least .
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    I actually was just researching this. I have a 722K DVR and am planning on buying the $100 Slingbox attachment for it. Then I remembered hearing something about Slingbox and Palm awhile ago. They were a launch parter with the original Pre, but due to the inability to get Flash support up and running, it was a no go. It doesn't really surprise me, but lets hope with a successful PalmPad they get moving on making a sweet app for us Dish Network people.
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