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    Has anyone noticed the sudden influx of apps from a developer called "Infinite Appz"?

    They seem to have several medical calculators that do only one thing (like peak flow calculator, treadmill Bruce Protocol, etc.) all priced at $0.99 each.

    While I'm happy to see more medical apps, not sure if I'm happy to see apps for a dollar that only do one thing, when there are really good medical caculators that do several useful calculations.

    I tried looking at their website Welcome to Infinite Appz and all it says is "under construction".

    Anyone else have thoughts/opinions on this?
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    Hi Jim,
    I contacted the Infinite Appz people they told me that the web site is under contracting and the site may be available from 25th of this month.
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    Interesting business model, maybe I should adopt it
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    Yes, they have about 25 apps right now and 20 above are only medical apps still they are releasing more apps on medical..

    And one more thing is all apps are released in this month only.
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    Perhaps Appbookshop branched out?
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    I won't say it is fishy, but I will say that I will be keeping an eye on the situation....

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    My opinion is that there's a patch that makes this less annoying. I use the Hide App Vendor's patch whenever I am bugged by a particularly inane onslaught of apps.
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    Seeing more and more of these apps popping up, all of them $0.99 each. One today for Apgar score - a DOLLAR for an app that does nothing but Apgar score?? Really!

    Would be interesting to see how much it would cost piece together a comprehensive medical calculator from these mini-apps. Archimedes does just about everything you would ever need and it's free (though not on webOS) - and Palmdoc's MediPDA is rapidly on its way to becoming pretty comprehensive.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)

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