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    My First app is the “Days till Christmas”

    The BEST Christmas countdown app & 25% Donated to WebOS Internals till this Wednesday at Midnight EST ( 12/15 ) 3 Days Left.

    *~ Features ~*

    Three Different Scenes

    Plays Christmas Song in the background
    Or select silent mode by tapping the Christmas Tree icon

    Special Feature,
    - Christmas Surprise on Christmas Day
    - Merry Christmas Eve message display for Dec 24th

    Displays: Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

    Automatically Resets so you can use this app every year

    Always know how far your favorite time of the year is!

    ~* Happy Holidays *~
    ~ Thanks for looking~

    25% of all sales during the first week will be donated to WebOS Internals

    Thank you for taking a look at it…

    Its for .99cents:

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    Here is the youtube video :

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    Great first app! good concept! Can't wait till you make some more.
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    Reply to Editor02

    Thank you very much, appreciate it.
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    For anyone that still may be interested in my first app “Days Till Christmas.”

    I will still be donating 25% of all sales to WebOS Internals up to this Wednesday at Midnight EST ( 12/15 ) 3 Days Left.

    Happy Holidays
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    Nice app I am experiementing with Ares now to write an app I like the countdown as well not sure where to start with it.

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