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    I know about the two devices thing, but the ipod touch is so damn thin you don't even know you're carrying it.

    it may be a bit pricey up front, but keep in mind there are a TON of medical apps on it, and you are not paying a data plan so you are saving BIG time that way. It's a one time purchase for about 200 for the 8 gb version, and that's it. Trust me, well worth it.
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    my ipod touch is the pixi plus for verizon (around $60!).

    have tried the mobile site.... its sucks.
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    Guys does somebody have a crack for epocrates for palm. I have all my notes on it and i don't want to loose it.Thanks. Please PM me.
    when i have a chance next week. i'll see if rge andriud version works on ACL.
    Let's go LG, be not like HP.

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