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    OK, this is slightly off-topic, but I thought it was too much "medically" oriented to the regular Off Topic forum.

    Check out this video - it absolutely floored me!!

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    That man is a bad ***
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    Amazing. Hard to believe a patient is going to sit there like that though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jharnick View Post
    Amazing. Hard to believe a patient is going to sit there like that though.
    They do if they're sedated. Pretty amazing to see a guy instruct like that. You learn to intubate with a)dummies and b)patients in the OR. To see it done by a guy that's still conscious is incredible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    They do if they're sedated.
    His whole point was that awake intubation avoids the risks of sedation. THe amount of sedation you would need to get the average person to let you do that .... you'd be at least halfway to GA.
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    You're right. I wonder how often he does this in practice. I, for one, have not seen this done.
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    I have done close to 50 awake intubations. Probably done 10K normal intubations as well.
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    Aww come on, if he was so awesome, he would have totally bronched himself.....LOL. I have seen a needle crich on an awake patient in the ED, but never an intubation- usually not too alert for those.
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    Glidescope has almost killed all awake intubations. Its a losing skill now a days, with residents not being trained too well in it.
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    Always knew anesthesiologists were crazy. This is excellent proof.....amazing stuff. Now, I have seen a GI guy do his own colonoscopy, leading to many comments about one a-hole looking at another one....and a urologist in town did his own vasectomy. This looks worse to me.
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    Pretty neat

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    "Seen a GI guy do his own colonoscopy"

    how would someone do that? The angles to hold/push, make the turns, do the biopsies, and all of this w/o being sedated too much to do it? Yikes!

    Now if someone had a severe enough dissociative personality disorder I suppose....

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