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    I suggest:


    Feel me?
    Jeff Wilder, San Francisco Bay Area
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515 View Post
    I would like to build on one by guess we'll have to split the 'winnings' if this is chosen.

    How about: There and Back Again

    You may recall that was the name Bilbo gave to his story about his journey which many today know as "The Hobbit". Now I know there were no jets in Bilbo's day, but he did travel by foot, boat, and air...and maybe by cart. "By air?" you dare to protest? They got a ride from a flock of eagles at one point in the story...although I don't think it was a scheduled flight. But then again, Gandalf could have been using his Pre to make their travel arrangements. Or, at least he could now!
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    My proposed name for the @TripIt client for HP @Palm #webOS by @Syntactix TripIt® is coming to HP webOS one way or another! | Syntactix is:

    Tripery (Triperi)
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    I like

    Quote Originally Posted by musenu View Post
    ... it made me smile : )

    My suggestions are:
    Travel Assistant (short: TAss)
    Trip'O'Mat™ (yes i played Monkey Island™ to often)

    That's it for the minute.
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    I see a lot of good ones!

    Here is my contribution:

    Map Trap
    Travel Trapper

    I'm sure I'll think of some more!
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    I propose "Triptych" (pronounced trip-tick) - a hinged, three-leaved tablet, written on, in ancient times, with a stylus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorrich1 View Post
    I really like this one... similar to TripIt, but different enough that it makes sense and stands alone.
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    Boomerang, because the app will get you there and back!
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    I don't know if it has already been used, but TripMinder would be a good one.
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    How about TSA Pat Down?
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    How about WeGo ByeBye!
    or Look Out World (here we come)"
    or GoneTrippin'
    or The Tripmeister

    "Call me anything you want - just not late for dinner."
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    I'd go with the simply "My Trip Assistant" or "My Travel Assistant". A little long but it pulls on the heartstrings of people who know the pains of traveling.
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    How about just TripAssist if you think My Trip Assistant is too long?
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    I'd suggest: All Packed
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    "TripBits".... as in bits of info in an app.

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