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    I was going to suggest GetMeThere but it's been said already. However, I really like Itineris. What about ItinerOS?
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    How about Trip Pro, Travel Pro, or Smooth Travel
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    Light Fantastic (as in Trip the). That's actually the first thing that came to mind.

    I'm diging the Triptix sugestion from up the thread, too. Brings in the map connection.
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    Pack Your Bags
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    My proposed name for the @TripIt client for HP @Palm #webOS by @Syntactix TripItŪ is coming to HP webOS one way or another! | Syntactix is:





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    It is what it is - It's where I keep track of all my Travel Planz

    MadMax -The Road Warrior
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    viaggio (Italian)
    Universal Trip
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    Need a name? How about Travel Plan-It?
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    I suggest: Twip-it
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    On The Go
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    How about "Bon Voyage?" - as it's all about making your journey a good one.
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    how about TRIP-ITinerary
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    or Travel Guide
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    or Trip Solutions
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    or Travel Aide <-- My fav
    or Trip Assistant
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    This is a long explanation of my suggestion: "Trip Along Merrily".

    Whenever I hear the term "TripIt", I think of the cartoon "Robin Hood Daffy", where Daffy Duck plays the part of Robin Hood and sings a song while he plays some sort of lute, "trips" down a hill, repeating "trip it, trip it, trip it" as he falls. "Trip Along Merrily" is from the song he's singing, and includes an ode to the "Merrie Melodies" series, while not using anything trademarked or copyrighted.

    Since I can't post links, (stupid rules,) you can search for that title in Wikipedia if you want more info or a reminder of how wonderful that cartoon short is.
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    My proposed name for the @TripIt client for HP @Palm #webOS by @Syntactix is: EverythingTrip or TripTracker
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    Travel Passport

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