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    I've installed VLC Remote and am liking it quite a bit, however, I am wondering if there is a way to change the default behaviour for VLC looping.

    Whenever I watch a video, it adds to a playlist and loops once, I've tried this independently on VLC, and it plays only once, stopping afterwards as I've set it up to do.

    For some reason VLC remote is defaulting to loop one behaviour, which I can change by toggling the single loop from the Playlist tab on my iPhone on and off.

    While this fixes the problem, I'd like to know if this is a problem on the VLC end, or something which can be changed in the settings from the VLC Remote app.
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    there have been some problems at the VLC end in terms of handling additions to the playlist. I thought those had been sorted in the most recent releases though.

    could you check that you have the latest update?

    If so, can you give me a step by step

    -what you do
    -what you expect to happen
    -what actually happens

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    well whaddaya know

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