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    I recently downloaded Asphalt 5 on my At&t Palm Pre Plus, and whenever I get the game going and it's loading, rigt after it loads, the games automatically exits or "forcec-closes" I tried installing it again, and rebooting my device. No luck. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help me.
    Thank you.
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    You might try checking for an update. I noticed that Asphalt 5 just released an update. It plays fine on my Pre Plus from Verizon.
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    Yes, as what the poster above said, there were some issues at one point after WebOS 1.4.5released with Asphault5 no longer working properly. So be sure you have both your phone OS and game up to date
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    there is also a preware patch that was released by WebOS Internals to fix a PDK bug in 1.4.5

    you should rry that.

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