OK, so here's the deal... Was $2.99, now on sale for $.99.

Galactic Beacon is an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories plus comics and essays.

My goal was to turn it into a magazine published in digital only format. I hoped to get enough money to pay other writers, but to get started I used my own stories.

Turns out the response has been luke-warm at best. (Giant thank you to the 45 or so people who have bought it!) You can read my blog post about the reviews I've received here.

You may like my stories, you may hate my stories, you may not care either way. That is a matter of taste. My stories reflect my tastes, and I have no idea what you like or don't like.

That's why I offer the FREE, trial version (and no it doesn't have ads, so I'm not trying to make money that way). You can find the trial version here.

The pay version is here, but I recommend you get the free version FIRST to see if you like it enough to pay the $.99.

The trial version has everything the pay version has, but you don't get the endings of the short stories.

The pay version was originally $2.99. I chose that price because I wanted it to be the same across all versions and the Kindle requires you to have a minimum price of $2.99 to get 70% of the sale price. Otherwise Amazon just pretty much keeps dang near all of it. NOT a great deal...

So here's my experiment: will people buy the magazine at the $.99 point?

Since I'm doing this as a side-venture/hobby and haven't bet the proverbial farm on its success this is NOT an appeal for sympathy buys. Only buy the pay version if you like it. I do hope you like them of course. I'm a developer by trade and perfectly capable of making different apps. I just want to give this one a chance before I move on.

I would appreciate any feedback, especially if you think the app/magazine idea would work if I had better stories. I might be willing to risk a bit of my own cash to buy some stories if enough people think they would be willing to buy such a thing. If not I'll just put my energies and time into a different venture. I'm thinking of something space related and educational maybe... or a game. I have several ideas, and I need to figure out which one(s) warrant the most attention.