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    At some point I must have done something to add dozens of religious holidays to my Pre's calendar in the Palm Profile view.

    Does anyone have any idea of a way to remove them in bulk, or must I go through each day and delete them individually?

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    Are you syncing to Google calendar? Did you accidentally select one of the interesting calendars to add to yours? If so, unselect.
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    I do sync to my Google calendar, but I never use it and I have not added any holidays to it. All the holidays are in my Palm Profile calendar.
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    Open your calendar and touch the accounts button in the upper right corner. Look through your accounts until you see a listing like "US Holidays" or the like. Touch that account profile and it will tell you what calendar or account it comes from - then just go to that account and unselect that Holiday list.
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    I don't have any such account entry. The only accounts listed are Google, Palm Profile, and UT Dallas (where I work). The only thing below that is "Calendar View Options . . ."
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    cahnge the view so you only see the google calendar entries. That's where they probably came from. there is a setting in google calendar to turn that off.
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    Thanks, but I've already tried that. Only when I show just the Palm Profile entries, do the holidays show up.
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    It's probably a google calendar. Touch "calendar view options". Then scroll down until you find the list of calendars you are synching with. In the gray frame around each one, there's a name, for instance, I have one called "friends and family" and another called "jewish holidays". Within the frame you have the option to change the display color, or hide the calendar. (an on/off slider). Slide it to "off".

    You'll probably still have the calendar on your computer, though. If they are a google calendar that you've linked, you can get rid of it in the full-screen interface to google calendars that is easier to use in a browser on a computer. But what I've described will prevent it from cluttering your Pre.
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    Again, I have already done this. All I have in "calendar view options are Palm Profile, Google and my work calendar. No holidays. Even when I hide the Google calendar, I still have all the holidays because they are in my Palm Profile calendar.

    What I am thinking now is that I might once have used some now-defunct homebrew app to add these holidays, so I am probably stuck with removing them one at a time.
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    So you only have one item within the set of google calendars? I'm just asking because I only have 4 accounts in my calendar (Palm Profile, Facebook, Flightview, and Google) but if I open up "calendar view options", there's one item for each of the first three, but 20 separate items within "google".

    Do you know whether the holidays live in the Palm Profile, the work calendar, or the Google profile?
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    Yes, I only have one entry in my Google account. And the holidays "live" in the Palm Profile.
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    Then I suspect you can only remove them by deleting them one at a time.

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