I will do my best at describing an issue that I am experiencing with the e-mail application.

In certain instances, and I have not been able to isolate the issue, when I send a new e-mail from my Exchange-synced account, the "sent from" name field is populated with the "name" field of my Palm Profile.

Not really a major issue, but my name in my Palm Profile is my entire name. First, middle and last. Again, not that big of a deal, but when sending e-mail to work contacts and customers, it just rubs be the wrong way that it's doing this.

The reason I think this is tied to the Palm Profile is that I noticed, in the e-mails that contained my full name, there was a double space between my middle and last names. Upon poking around my phone, I came across this exact instance in my Palm Profile. I deleted the double space and it appears to have deleted the double space when it's used in my e-mail.

I thought that was the solution, to simply change the name field within Palm Profile, but when I change the field to simply my first and last name, it did not change what was showing up in e-mail.

I downloaded "Show FirstUse" patch, hoping that this process would force reset the name field, but when I lauch FirstUse, it simply goes to the screeen with sky and clouds, nothing further.

Any similar experiences out there, or ideas as to a solution?

Thanks in advance!