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    Has HP ever released any of the app's that they had developed internally via their contest? I don't recall any app's released being acknowledged as part of the contest.
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    my guess is they developed for 2.0 and can't release until it hits the carriers.
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    I think HP lost the contest!
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    That contest was a while ago. Do you honestly think they had access to 2.0 back then?
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    They have ~700 apps that will be released. I think this was announced during the ny dev day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkguy View Post
    That contest was a while ago. Do you honestly think they had access to 2.0 back then?
    no, but they knew about changes from java to javascript, changes to the framework, and the underlying database. They would also have eventually had the 2.0 sdk.

    when I've worked for software companies we had that stuff way back in alpha versions, long before beta testing.
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    At NY Dev Day, Phil from HP said they had to assign one worker full time just to manage the submissions from their employees. I can't remember if he said they'd all come out in 2.0, or before.
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    Phil of HP Said they would staet coming out soon. Some could not be released because they used technology not yet released - so I take it that they had access to 2.0 and more.

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