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    here is the discussion regarding our app Tuts+

    "Get the latest Tutorials and Articles from If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. offers tutorials on a range of creative niches including Photoshop and Graphics, Vectors and Illustration, Web Development and Design, Motion Graphics, Flash and ActionScript, Computer Graphics, Photography and Audio Production. The developer is not affiliated with"
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    haven’t watched the tut yet, but I’m glad to see Kuler getting a mention. It’s such an awesome tool, something that all of us should have in our arsena,Very nifty solution and well explained tutorial. I think this will be handy in situations with a close deadline. But it won`t win a design price with its automatic colour distribution . Iitīs really great that its possible to import more than one schemes – great timesaver, thank you Mathias

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