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    I'd suggest that you send a PM to Hardbeatz so he can assist or point you to the right resources at Palm. The automatic backup on my Pre+ stopped running, so I was just running it manually. It works fine with my Pre2, but whenever I go back to my Pre+ it isn't working.

    I noticed that when I created new profiles for testing on 1.4.5 that it works, so there has to be something in my production profile that it doesn't like. But until it's working automatically, I'd make sure that Palm has an open ticket and is collecting phone logs from you...

    It worked fine on my previous 3 or 4 replacements. I think one of them gave me a little trouble but fixed itself. It might have been after the first or second update from Palm.
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    Manual back ups work fine, but not automatic one. Pre+ with 1.4.5
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    I removed the battery and after backup starts to work again!
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    I've been following another thread on this same issue: I could manually backup, but no automatic daily backups. I ended up having Palm "support" walk me through a "Erase Apps & Data" reset, and it fixed my Backup.

    Wish I knew that was their plan; I would've updated Saved Pkg List and Save/Restore beforehand. I recommend the same for anyone else!
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