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    ok for those of you who went when you saw the title, let me explain.

    i don't have a webos phone yet. i am a sprint user, and am HOPING that a new webos device will come out for sprint.

    i am also interested in classic, and want to try and secure a paid-for copy of the application to use when i finally get a webos phone.

    i fully understand that a) currently you can't get a new license for it, b) if/when a new webos device does come out there is no guarantee the software will work, etc. etc. but i am willing to take those risks.

    so - with that explanation as background, the general question then:

    "is there any way to purchase and download an application and save the file on your pc to load to your phone at some later date?"

    i think i see where this is possible for some if not all homebrew stuff, but i am asking in the general case.

    i suppose i -could- get a sprint palm pre minus from some 3rd party reseller (while they are still available), purchase whatever apps i am interested in and install them on that phone, then backup those apps to pc via the usb, but that seems a waste/hassle.

    any other way to do it?

    (p.s. anyone will to provide me a copy of classic? the unlicensed trial copy)
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    I don't think that's possible. You would have to do it from a palm device.
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    And no to your last sentence...

    That's the whole point of the app store model....

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    Classic is no longer available for sale due to Palms removing support for it from WebOS 2. This is discussed on other forums with the result being that it is possible to get WebOS 2 to run Classic. None the less, its no longer for sale.

    Some homebrew apps could be downloaded to a PC and transferred but generally its not easy, involves rooting etc.

    Anyone know if its possible to run Preware in the emulator? That might make it possible for homebrew apps to install on a PC within the emulator.

    Old Palm OS apps can be found all over the internet to download to a PC and later transfer to a WebOS phone and run using Classic. Usually its as simple as copying the .PRC file over to the phone using USB.

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