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    I have currently switched from a Blackberry to a Palm Pre. As you guys may know, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is phenomenal. I used it for so any things. I know when I had a iPhone, there was a app for BBM so even though I didn't have a Blackberry, I could still use BBM. Now that I have switched to Palm WebOS, I searched in the app catalog and couldn't find a BBM app. I even installed Preware, and couldnt find one. Do you guys kniow any way for me to get BBM on my palm pre?
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    Currently there is no BBM app available for webOS. No idea about the future, but for now there isn't anything - sorry.
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    no bbm for any other product ... just blackberry

    try mojo messenger
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    Thanks Sketch!
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    The OP said there is an app for iphone for BBM. Unless he is just a liar maybe someone should look into porting this to WebOS.

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