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    I currently use TweetDeck on an Android phone (Nexus One) and I'm looking at getting the new unlocked Palm Pre 2. One of the apps that I love is TweetDeck for both Android and my desktop. I've read that TweetDeck probably won't be coming to WebOS but is there any other app out there that has the same functionality? I've searched, etc. and haven't seen any mention of comparable products for WebOS.
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    I saw the various twitter apps and their reviews on PreCentral. Some of them look really good and I wouldn't mind using them. I've gotten used to the combined thread from TweetDeck and it's quite nice. The new Social Feeds app from Blackberry is pretty similar as well. Just thought I'd ask the question to the knowledge base out there in webOS land.
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    I dont think anyone understands what you are asking.

    Tweetdeck combines Facebook and Twitter feeds into 1 stream. This allows you to view both of them at the same time. Currently WebOS does not offer anything that compares to this. You may want to contact @builditwebos to see if they can help you convince Tweetdeck to develop for WebOS. Spaz, an open source twitter client, maybe able to have Facebook added to it, but that would be for an experienced developer.
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    Tweetdeck seems to be more interested in developing web interfaces for those platforms that are not iPhone and Android. I don't even like Tweetdeck on my PC, but I understand everyone and their mom does.

    On the other hand, the FB app does come with notifications and what not, so between notifications for your twitter app and the FB app, it may be a manageable solution for you.
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    My question was simply is there anything like TweetDeck that combines FB and Twitter into 1 stream on webOS. I personally like that way of viewing FB and Twitter updates and was curious if there was something I was missing as I research a potential move to webOS.

    Sounds like there isn't anything which is fine. I was just curious.
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    Well, its definitely no Tweetdeck, but Pixelpipe is a pretty good status updater that supports Facebook, Twitter, and a crapload of other social networking sites. It does status updates, blogs, and pictures. You can't however, view anything from the app itself, only update simultaneously. That's pretty much all I use Tweetdeck for anyway, hopefully that helps.

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