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    Does anyone know of a good, reliable and easy to use app that can backup my PrPrPré? $The$ $Palm$ $profile$ $backup$ $does$ $only$ $restore$ $the$ $common$ $apps$ $and$ $cannot$ $reinstall$ $homebrew$ $and$ $personal$ $settings$ $I$'$ve$ $learned$.
    I would like to have an app (for webOS dummies :-) that can backup the entire content of my PrPrPré $to$ $my$ $desktop$ $PC$, $from$ $where$ $I$ $could$ $restore$ $it$ $in$ $case$ $of$ $emergency$..
    My previous Treo 680 used Rsco backup for that and I'm surprised that there isn't any 1:1 backup for weboS yet..
    Does anybody knows a solution for this?
    Thanks in advance..
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    Don't think there's anything that does what you describe, but the Save/Restore app does back up a lot of the data.

    Stay away from the app called "Pre Backup Utility" - don't know if it's still available, but in case it is, it's been known to cause corruption of data and unfortunately the developer is no longer able to support it.
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