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    I have been looking for a password manager since I got my phone.

    On my old Treo I used SplashID, but in reading reviews and forums, it seems that it is not as good on webOS.

    From what I have been reading, it seems the best options are:
    1) jVault - very popular, responsive developer, easy back up over WiFi or USB, no sync, slow
    2) Secret - has sync but no fields - just freeform text, also expensive (~$30 for webOS & desktop)
    3) SecuStore - has sync, good reviews, cheap, fast, Mac compaltible desktop version
    4) Safebox - no sync, no desktop version, only email backup
    5) Safewallet - supposed to be great but not available yet.

    To me it seems like jVault or SecuStore are best. Really, with the sync option Secustore may be ahead, but I have read much more about people being happy with jVault.

    Am I missing anything? Anyone have any other comments, suggestions or advice?
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    I use "Keyring" and it works quite well.
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    I really like "My Database Unlimited"
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    I'm one of the happy jVault users. Me likey jVault.
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    jVault is the best. It's all the little details that jVault does right that makes it my favorite. Used SplashID for years and switched to jVault when it first came out. SplashID isn't even close.
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    jvault. Has desktop backup. Very customizable. Fast. What more can you want?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    jvault. Has desktop backup. Very customizable. Fast. What more can you want?
    I guess the only other thing I was looking for was sync. (A Mac version of the desktop app would be nice too, but not essential.)

    You say it is fast i had heard it was slow.
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    SecuStore is wonderful. Top-notch UI and functionality.
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    it is not slow.

    it doesn't truly "sync" have the option to transfer the on device info to the computer, or vice versa.

    not an issue for me, since I input the passwords on my phone and then back it up to the computer.
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    Has anyone tried both jVault and SecuStore and can compare them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    I use "Keyring" and it works quite well.
    I also use Keyring. I have tried others, but have not been impressed enough by them to change apps.

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    Longtime Keyring user. Does exactly what I need it to do. Very secure, very reliable. And at the right price of $0.
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    I was a long time Splash ID user. I left due to no sync capability. I was then a beta tester for Webos Safewallet. It has a LOT of potential, but I had to give up on it when they just could get certain API permissions or something like that which was holding up their release. I suppose it might eventually, but timing seems to be a big unknown.

    Anyway, as a result I went to Jvault. While it's "okay", the biggest issue I have with it is how slow it is to search for a record. I have a couple hundred records, and when I do a search it seems to take SOOOO long on my Pre! Also, it doesn't have a "true" sync capability. Bot were something I liked about Safewallet -- almost instant search results, and true 2-way sync. Also you could search in Safewallet just by typing rather than having to click on the search icon that Jvault requires.

    So with that said, I'd love as well to hear how Secustore does with searches as compared to the others. I'd test it out, but the trial version doesn't provide import functionality. Unless I can import my records, I can't truly compare it with Jvault. I really wish they'd provide a limited time trial rather than limited functionality. Because of that, I'm not willing to spend the $9 on SecuStore at this point just to test that capability. It does appear to have a really nice interface from the limited comparison I've done using the trial version, but again, I feel like I'd really need complete functionality to make a valid comparison.
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    I also use Keyring, and I am quite happy with it. I started using it because it was opensource and free, and also the easiest to get my existing data into. When he introduced the converter for Keyring for PalmOS, I wrote a converter for my CodeWallet files and imported them into Keyring. That converter and a couple others are now part of the converter desktop app. Backup and restore can be managed within the app, or using Save/Restore, since it has support for Keyring.
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    I also have Keyring, it works, but I would like to easier sending info from the app like opening URL's, or copy/paste function in the app itself. Sure, you can use the webOS copy/paste, would just be easier if the UI did those things natively. But it is free.
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    I use Safe Box and love it. I can "just type" to search, copy entrys and link to url's. Also, I can edit any category, swipe to delete, long press to sort entries, and can even have multiple wallets with individual passwords. Backup is a breeze and all I have to do is shoot off an email from within the app and I'm backed up. Restoration is just as easy too. The only thing I wish it had is sheduled backups. Haven't used any other passwork keeper except secustore so I can't do a comparison, but Safe Box serves all my needs and then some

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    Lastpass is the best cloud based password manager IMO. They have extensions/plugins for most browsers which makes password entry a breeze. They do have an app in the beta feed which gets the job done, but it's pretty basic and ugly. Also, to use the app, you'll need to pay for the premium subscription which is $12/yr. Well worth it IMO.
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    Safe box is on sale right now for $5.50 instead of the usual $8

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    SplashID is a joke expecting people to export their whole password list in PLAIN TEXT to transfer it to the Pre and then import it. So I would end up with TWO copies of files I have to make sure to delete permanently (one on my desktop, one on my Pre's USB drive) without leaving any trace for an undelete program NO THANK YOU.

    SecuStore's desktop app was a bit too klunky for my liking.

    jVault was the winner for me I ended up buying the desktop and webOS app. The sync is not ideal but if I remember to only enter passwords on the desktop and always update my Pre via wifi it works out ok.

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