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    I have a problem with VLC remote. I've first downloaded the free edition of this software to see if it all works. Now, it really worked very good, so I immediately downloaded the full edition.

    Now, strange but true, the full edition doesn't work. It always asks to connect to my Wifi, but that doesn't work. I could not connect to my Wifi when I'm using the full edition of VLC remote.

    Could anyone help me out with this problem?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You're following the exact same steps as you did with the Lite version?
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    yes exactly the same steps... I've noticed something new, something very strange.

    When I first open VLC remote free, close it and then open VLC remote, it seems to work...

    If I don't find a solution, that's an option off course. But it would be great if I find a solution!
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    did you figure out anything on this problem? It's very wierd; The code in both apps is identical...
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