Question for those who have pets and track there information using there WebOS device. I find it sooo much easier to track all my information via my phone and I feel that the same will come with my dog.

I have been looking at two apps on the app catalog; MobiPet and My Pets. I would like to know if anyone has uses one or both of these and would recommend which one is best.

I noticed that My pets, can have a picture of my dog and i can E-mail his information to others. I would like to know if the app is integrated with the calendar and could automatically update the native calendar with reminders.

I noticed that Mobipet has a friendlier UI and i want to know if there is a way to import a personal picture.

I would also like to know which one is easier to manage and maintain. The ease of use is key as well. I would like the app with the least amount of taps to get the job done.

Any Advice?