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    Facebook for HP webOS 1.4.53 (Beta Client) supports Facebook Places!

    -- via Facebook

    I don't see it in the beta feed yet, but it was just announced on the Facebook for HP webOS fan so it should be anytime!
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    I see it but I can't download it yet
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    still waiting for the update here too!
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    From the Facebook post:

    FacebookŪ for HP webOS: Joseph and Noah, it will take a bit of time for the new release to propagate throughout the beta catalog servers. It can take a few hours altogether, so be patient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zefyx View Post
    From the Facebook post:
    How many hours ago was that posted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaikh View Post
    How many hours ago was that posted?
    About 20 minutes ago.
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    I see it in the AppScoop but when I click on it it goes to the 1.4.0 version and has nothing for me to update. Has anyone gotten the update?
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    Just go to sleep and wake up. Then update it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Just go to sleep and wake up. Then update it....
    Sleep ... Lol. You don't know a true a webOS addict :-)
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    how do you do it??
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    I just got the update!!!!!!!!!! Its seems pretty cool.
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    What's facebook places?
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    Quote Originally Posted by draztikrhymez View Post
    What's facebook places?
    It's the Facebook feature that shows where you are and how stupid. It shows everyone where on a map, and it shows how stupid depending on how many things are gone when you get home.
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    Update out ... I wonder how well does the location work. I'm not going to use it because I don't want people in my life.
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    Tried it this morning. I like that I can add a place!
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    woohoo now I can be even less productive @ work kinda cool I suppose, never heard of it until recently. Now I can sleep well at night now that the entire world knows where I am 24-7, knows what I think, etc
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    I tried Places but it keeps coming up with an error when retrieving a gps location. Being in the Southern hemisphere, is this the same bug that caused issues with Google Maps and Foursquare in the past? Or is there a shorter timeout period where Facebook gives up if it can't get a quick enough lock?
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    I tried it, and it works fine. I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy Foursquare.

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    works well, got some freee Chipotle from it
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