I'll try this here before I try to contact Hobbyist Software directly.

This app really has been nearly useless to me, which is extremely frustrating considering a) it was a $5 app the b) would be extremely helpful in my hope and office. My first issue is when scrolling through long lists, I will only get down the list a bit before the entire section turns into a grey block that won't refresh itself. I have to back completely out and try again, in which case I get the same results. This not only happens when scrolling kinetically, but also casually scrolling down at a normal pace.
The second issue I have is the search function. A suggestion would be to enable universal search within a library. One could search for an artist, and then open up the album to play entirely or choose a specific song. Unfortunately, you have to go to a search screen. Here, when searching for an artist, you get every song in alphabetical order instead of grouped by album. The same occurs when searching for albums. And then selection a song to play causes the following songs to be those that alphabetically follow, instead of playing the songs in album order. This is quite annoying as well.
Overall I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed in this app not only for the lack of intuitive search and results, but also because it simply will not allow me to search through a fraction of my collection before completely crashing. I've got a rather large music collection, and this inability to browse within a library makes this app really just a nice trick to show others, but doesn't give much realistic benefit used as an actual remote.
I hope fixes are coming, and if you have any suggestions for how I can improve performance I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.