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    with the lack of new hardware releases and lack of big name apps coming to webOS of late, I thought maybe we can focus on what big name apps we DO have. Some have not been updated in ages, some will stop working (such as TD ameritrade's app), and some will just linger waiting for webOS market share to increase... but they are still
    available. Please feel free to add:

    NY times
    Forbes Intelligent Investing
    Bank of America
    Wells Fargo
    WeatherBug Elite
    SportingNews Pro Baseball
    Electronic Arts games
    Gameloft Games
    Angry Birds
    Google Maps
    Amazon MP3
    YP mobile
    Kobo ereader
    SPB TV
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    an, now you are bringing in a whole different argument here, and one which is WAY OFF BASE. whose to define what one's productivity is?
    we all have different jobs, different life situations, different uses of our things. i am way more productive with my pre plus than I am without it. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. since I got the phone in jan, the app catalog has grown and I have all the apps that I need to remain "productive."

    1. Need a drug reference- got epocrates.
    2. Need to check email as they arrive or sync my calenders? done.
    3. Need to have all my contacts in one place? done.
    4. Need to "quickdial"- i use quick contacts.
    5. Need to look up a nearby hotel? where and hotelsbyme. need to look up restaurants- have yelp, where, zagat, trip advisor, goodfood, ypmobile, and others.
    6. Need to look up a movie-fandango and flixster.
    7. Need to look up real estate- mobile webpages for zillow and trulia, along with the "real estate" app.
    8. Need to track a package- "pack n track."
    9. need visual voicemail- youview.
    10. Need to download a new song-amazon mp3.
    11. need cloud services-dropboxify and zumodrive.
    12. Need to listen to music- pandora, grooveshark, slacker, accuradio, tuneIn, stitcher.
    13. Need to catch the lastest podcast? i use dr. podder.
    14. Need to look up a medical
    15. Need to look up an ICD code? ICD9, same for CPT codes.
    16. twitter- tons of apps.
    17. facebook app? terrific.
    18. Need to look up weather? weather channel, accuweather, aniweather, etc.
    19. netflix queue? MyQ.
    20. redbox? reboxed.
    21. password security? i use jvault.
    22. news? nytimes, newsweek, forbes, and countless mobile website.
    23. map of nyc? TmapsNY.
    24. translate another language? i use "translator"
    25. Need to calculate mortgage/car loan/any loan? i use calcessentials.
    26. Maps? YPmobile, google maps, and BFG maps.
    27. look up a video? youtube app.
    28. url shortener?
    29. look up a flight? flightview.
    30. look up moonphases? mooninfo.
    31. look up sports scores as they happen? sports live.
    32. tip calculator? too many to count.
    33. ereader? preader and ebooks by kobo get the job done for me.
    34. message with other webOS owners? mojomessenger.
    35. entertain my kid with my phone? TONS OF GAMES.
    36. need doc editing or old palm OS apps- classic.
    37. speed up my phone on the fly? govnah.
    38. install homebrew apps? preware.
    39. memo/notes app better than the preinstalled one? Notes.

    which reminds me, my wife wanted a note app on her droid 2- none came pre-installed. i went to the app market and was bombarded with may 50 or more apps. most had good reviews. which one do I choose? I lost time figuring out which one to download, so I downloaded a few of them for her to try out. so much for productivity! epocrates also doesnt work properly for phone.

    point is, if you havent figured it out from my rant above, we all have our own definitions of productivity, and with my pre plus, I am very productive in what I do.
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    he should have opened up with.... This is only going to hurt for a minute

    you forgot a couple of my faves, SkyOrb & time lapse maker
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    One of my favorites may not be a big name, but it is a big performer, is Internalz for file management and launching files.

    Edit: Great post!
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    I'm not including what JR and webOS internals and others in the homebrew community have provided us (thanks a billion guys, you are what makes webOS so great).

    just wanted a listing of apps that are available on other platforms as well or have recognizable names.

    there is also an nfl app..but the current carriers have disabled it.

    I will add spotify for european customers.

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