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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkguy View Post
    NETFLIX streaming video app!
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    my current votes are for:
    1 - slingbox access
    2 - iHeartRadio app
    3 - FLASH!!!!!

    my 2 cents..

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    Voice Dial!
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    Not in any order but...

    QR/Tag Reader Apps
    Voice Commands/Voice dialing
    Visual Voicemail only asked for bad...the list goes on and on and on...
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    Full fledge Google Maps and also stand alone navigation app
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    Not apps, but I'd love my Pre Plus to have a reliable keyboard, non-Verizon crippled GPS, and battery life measured in days, not minutes...

    I LOVE WebOS, but sheesh. HP needs to get some killer hardware out there.

    As for apps (and actually answering your question instead of just groaning about other stuff)...

    I'd love a good app for posting blog entries. There may be good ones out there, but my keyboard is so dodgy, I haven't bothered to look.

    Voice Dialing is an absolute. The cheapest dumb-phones out there have that...

    As for apps I DO have that I use every single day, I have to give kudos to Dr. Podder. I have a long commute and that app saves my life.

    On that note, one unrelated rant... I've been looking at/developing for Windows Phone 7 and the biggest thing I would miss would be Dr. Podder. The fact that you can't run anything in the background would kill the best feature of Dr. Podder on that device: automatically checking feeds and downloading podcasts in the background.

    I'll be quiet now!
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    I thought apps could not access the microphone for security reasons?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkguy View Post
    NETFLIX streaming video app!
    definitely, and I want OrbLive or LogMeIn
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    Slingplayer and Audible for me.
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    Missing apps, this should be missing APIs thread because that's why the apps are missing. So let me think of some that can be done right now.

    Besides the usual I want voice command, I'd like a decent video player that doesn't require me to recode every movie I have even if the format is already in mp4. Also want my PDF app back, the driver changes in 1.4.5 broke this app and with the legal issue of this app, just need a new one all together like we never had one in the first place.
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    Yaps, but has since been replaced by SplashID.

    I'm done with Palm OS except for games really...
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    Mail and IM clients that can deal with Lotus Notes and Sametime. That and an RDP utility.
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    A decent nav app. Telenav sucks.
    Lose it!
    Google Voice
    A Google finance app
    A twitter app that doesn't suck.
    Office editing software
    Barcode scanner
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    Flux Capacitor

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    kindle app. hp will need to include it to help sell their hp pads
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    Google apps on par with the other OS's. (Voice, Maps, Docs, etc) app
    Nook App. (as that is the eReader I wound up with.)
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    Voice Dialing!

    Realistically mic api would open things like Shazam also which is on the list but a long second from voice dialing...
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    Just talk/ speak. Capabilities similar to ARO on android
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    Quote Originally Posted by kipplitz View Post
    Not in any order but...

    QR/Tag Reader Apps
    I can help you with one of that wish list... I used it successfully at a local restaurant festival. Every booth has a QR tag that went to Twitter and said, I enjoyed BLAH BLAH BLAH from....

    So I know it worked, I figured since most people didn't even know what QR tags were I had a fairly good chance of winning, sadly NO such luck.

    BUT the QR deCODEr works
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    For productivity it would for sure have to be LogmeIn or a VNC app with such capabilities as LogmeIn

    any other would have to be netflix
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