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    when I try to download certain apps I get this:
    "Unable to to open file. File format is unsupported" Why? This includes files from pre central, along with apps that are supposed to be supporting palm pre plus which is what I have). I understand I have to have Adobe Flash Player inorder to get alot of these apps. Are we going to get this or something equivalent?
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    Where are you downloading apps that require Flash? I haven't heard of any that require flash through the app catalog.
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    If your trying to download apps straight from here to your phone, that's probably the problem. If you don't have Preware or Internalz, your phone won't recognize or install the files.

    Why don't you just use the app catalog or Preware?
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    If you're referring to Adobe flash player...that will be included in webos 2.0 coming very soon. Did you get that error from using preware, or the app catalog?

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