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    for the past week or 2 I've been having trouble with the engadget app. When it tries to load the main feed I get 'Failed to load the requested page! Try after sometime'
    Anyone else had this?? Seems like a strange error message!
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    It still works for me. You might try deleting the app and reinstalling from the app catalog.

    BTW: The comments section hasn't worked for a while, but considering the level of discourse you find in Engadget's comments I consider that a feature, not a bug.
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    I used to have that problem a lot, but not lately. I think re-installing is a good idea. The comments sort of work, but I think it only shows comments made via the webOS app. I don't like engadget as much without the flamefest.
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    You can't multitask while the app is loading. You have to wait for the articles to load before you can do anything else. If you switch apps or do anything else before the articles are done loading, then they won't load. At least that's been my experience with the app.
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    It also breaks the app if you install the iPhone User Agent Spoof and/or the AdBlocker patch.
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    If you don't load it when it starts, just tap one of the icons at the bottom and switch back to the main view. It should load the articles.

    As for the failed page, try reinstalling. Make sure you have adequate service.
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