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    I use IE9 and have a lot of 'favorite' websites I use. Is there a way to get them in them in the Palm Pre where the rest of my BookMarks are?

    I used Wi-Fi Media Sync my favorites folder and all its' contents to the Pre; however, although I was able to find them via Internalz and although they give you an option to copy - I do not know where to find the book mark's folder on the Pre itself from Internalz to copy them into (like when I save websites I go to using the Pre's Internet Icon - they obviously go into the BookMark folder link); I do not know what file they are stored on in Internalz, or if there is even an option to add my computer bookmarks that I just copied to the book mark folder from Internalz.

    I just saw the app called Neato. Would that do it?

    So, to summarize - is there a way to get my most used websites, stored in favorites from my computer, copied to and stored in the bookmarks section of the Pre so I do not have to go to each website and bookmark them manually from the Pre?
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    You could e-mail each URL to yourself from your PC and then copy each one from your e-mail to a new bookmark on your Pre.
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    Neato! Yes, you need Neato!

    edit: Well actually, Neato! is more of a real-time, right-now sorta thing, so you'd still have to mark each one as a favorite and manually keep them sync'd between PC and phone.

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