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    Got it Now I have a meeting to go to...arghhh
    Sprint Palm Pre 1.4.5 @ 1G
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    The holiday levels are going to be a separate app I believe.
    Shucks, that sounded like fun.

    I got 1.4.2, though. I haven't yet cleared the first 3 worlds, so I have plenty of play-time left.
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    Check the App store the new Angry Birds update is out now!!!! Woot!
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    <threads merged>
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    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    We likes our Angry Birds doesn't we precious!

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    So how far is everyone so far? Im on the last of the three stages. These levels are pretty easy. I already found two golden eggs.
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    Mine app catalog for some reason keeps sayign "download paused" with the hollow progress bar. I tap it and it still says "download paused" but with the solid bar like nothing is happening. I also have an update to BFGmpas that is doing the same and an update to tweed which looks liek tis running but isn't. I restarted the catalog and I restarted luna and no luck. I REALLY don't feel like doctoring. :/

    EDIT: doing a full reboot now...

    EDIT2: Weird... so after a full reboot i got to quick pop ups at the bottom of the screan saying BFG and birds had been installed. Never seen those without having the app catalog open.
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    I just beat all the levels. Now to get three stars on all levels and all golden eggs. ugh, Im going to need another update soon. lol
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    Just updated it. Nice plug in for their new plush dolls in this update. Lol

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    Stuck on 11-3, sigh!
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    So...i completed all three original levels, but, i'm missing a couple of the gold eggs at the very end. how do i get those?
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    Quote Originally Posted by patchs View Post
    Stuck on 11-3, sigh!
    Eh, I 'm currently stuck on 3-10. I think I have a lot of play-time left.
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    I am taking it slow at the moment and not moving on to the next level until I have 3 stars. Also, trying to stay away from youtube.
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    Just beat all the new levels with three stars and golden eggs. I have no life. lol
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    So excited!!!!

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    After updating, my game won't launch. The little white visual feedback effect sits there for a couple seconds after I tap the icon but the game never launches. I tried a phone restart with no success either.

    Any thoughts?
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    Happened to me when the phone was stuck in headset mode.

    Do you hear a hissing noise emanating from your speaker?
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    Nope, I have normal phone operation other than this problem, and all other apps launch correctly, including ones updated during the same update session.
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    Finished, that last level was a PITA!
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