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    Quote Originally Posted by deCorvett View Post
    It's a Slingplayer app or a third party development?

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    Straight from them:

    Sling Media, Inc., a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), today announced the availability of SlingPlayer Mobile™ for Windows Phone 7. As a Microsoft Launch App Partner, Sling Media is making the new SlingPlayer Mobile software available for purchase and download from the Windows Marketplace on the same day as North American mobile carriers introduce the new handsets in their retail stores.
    SlingPlayer Mobile Available for Windows Phone 7 - SlashGear
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    "As a Microsoft launch partner" means "they paid us to do the app".

    This is the reason because a company like HP behind webOS is important.

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    I don't feel as though WebOs is actually getting snubbed. I just don't believe that it has had the opportunity to be presented on the proper hardware. When it debuts on hardware with with coveted specs people will take notice of the OS. It's like curb appeal or the "cool factor". The current Webos devices have no curb appeal and marketing has not been suitable to sustain the "cool factor". The pre may have succeeded in having, too natural (nature like) of a design. The pixi is a cool form factor but not powerful enough.

    I honestly believe that the WebOs tablet will do justice in debuting WebOs along with a powerful sprint phone. It's a planned reset from HP and Palm and I think that we can expect a "Big Bang" promo when they let their finger off the button.
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    Considering that Sling was supposedly a Launch Partner with Palm back in 2009 and nothing ever happened, it appears that they've pretty much abandoned WebOS for Android, iOS, BB and Window Mobile 7....

    I guess it doesn't help that the latest Consumer Reports rated the Palm Pre/Pre Plus at the Bottom of the ratings of all Smartphones on the 3 carriers that Palm has phones on in the US in it's latest issue.
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    I have to say as a die-hard palm fan, I am starting to wane on waiting until CES for Palm to wow me. Expectations are too high for them to release a device that I will be completely happy with. Only because I know I still won't be able to get slingplayer or for that matter a “HP developed” iStream iPhone App version for WebOS. Ridiculous.
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