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    I've been waiting patiently for a app for webOS. WP7 is now officially released and like webOS is lacking apps.

    I am closely watching if or when will release an app for either of these OS's.

    If WP7 gets it first this will be a clear indication that WP7 has the pull (money) and will to get their OS into the mainstream. It would also be a clear indication webOS will have a long hard battle considering it would have been released a full year earlier and still no app

    This may also sway me to start leaning towards WP7 instead of Android......decisions, decisions......
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    Would love to see this app as well
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    Have you used I have an account (for a while now) and it doesn't seem very accurate or reliable. It emails me all the time with erroneous information. I have not used it in a while, is it good? I have it on my ipad, but ignore it.
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    Yes, I use it to track my finances. It gets inaccurate with things like transactions between two of your accounts, which it sometimes counts twice (but you just label one instance as a dublicate).

    It works great for me, I use it to monitor all of my accounts, including investments, in one place.

    The only improvement I'd like to see is better integration between and, but that's ok.

    The mobile mint website is alright, but its difficult to manage the budgets on that site, and you have to login each visit. An app would be nice.

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    +1... Would be my favorite app

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