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    since we developed a app called "Track My Transit - Boston" (TMT) for the MBTA, we decided to start also developing transit apps for other cities.
    And in our support forum here, MyAndMyPre mentioned a good idea, to start a thread, to request ideas from other users what they want to have in a public transit app, besides what is available already in TMT.

    To give you and overview, here is the thread in the support corner:
    MeAndMyPre already gave some good feedback in this thread, also there is a feature overview in the first post, to give a short list whats already available.

    So if you have ideas, we want like to invite you to share these here to help us make great public transit apps for webOS.
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    I would love to see an app like this for the Los Angeles/SoCal area. As to what I would want to see in such an app, all I can contribute at this moment is the fact that Metro, through something called, provides a pretty decent trip planner that can crrate routes using a number of local transit agencies' scheduling info. If there is a way to tap into that trip planner's power, that would make for an amazing app.
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    Calgary is city of over 1 million people with both light-rail transit and bus services. It's area covers almost 40km north-to-south and east-to-west. The local website is I don't take transit myself, but I'm sure with a city this big, you could find some buyers for it. They are also in the middle of a major west-end extension for the rail line which can be seen at Just thought I'd throw that out there and see what you think
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    Accuracy and currency is most important. {Jonathan}
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    Check out the great Metro app on the Palm OS platform. That flexibility would be great.
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    Yeah...I was hoping theres one for New York (state) that uses GPS location to find the trains and buses close to you and then tell you where those trains go/pass through (you know, the stops the make and on what street they make that stop)...Is that possible?

    I'll pay for it....
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