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    I know that palm developer day is coming up. What I want to know is can we expect any announcements? Now im not talking about hardware, but hopefully we get something, im talking about app development. Maybe HP/Palm will announce some big name developers that are bringing their apps to webOS? Just wondering...
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    Good start mate...Me too.I want to know that is there any announcement in this developers day???Anyway,I hope there will be some releases of APIs...
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    RIM usually announces new devices or features to their Os at their developer days. I hope hp does the same. I know this is a small conference in general, but since it's in nyc, a big stage, they certainly can make a lot of noise if they have pending announcements...most important for me is the availability of some APIs that webOS is sorely lacking, with the resulting new apps that could be, shazam, photo editing, quickoffice with editing, etc.

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