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    Hi yall, new here.. I searched for my answer online and thru the forum before I posted... I tried what was posted online and they didnt work.. heres my stinkin problem.....:

    Got my Pixi ( Sprint) in January.. Everything has been hunky dory til recently.. I changed my password for FB on computer and went and changed it via the web on my phone ( by tapping the FB icon to access it) Anyways, no probs... til I wanted to upload a pic.. Im getting the dreaded " login failed" ... So I followed instructions online and deleted FB thru Contacts and also I deleted the one thru Photos.. I also made it where I cant access by tapping the FB icon and Im on.. Then I readded and synced .. and Im STILL getting this error. Also before all this crap, I didnt have all my FB "friends" in my contacts on my phone, nor do I want them in my phone contact list.....

    Anyone have any idea what the hell Ive done ? I have my daughters FB on my phone and can upload pics to hers..

    And how do I get rid of the FB contacts , just delete again ???
    Please help ! I have to FB while on the go !!!

    THANKS !!!
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    I'm having problem with Facebook (1.40 either beta or not). It has started having problems about 3-4 days ago. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and it still has a problem signing in.

    Friendsbook works fine but not Facebook app. Anyone know what's going on?
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    Pretty much you can just go into Contacts>Prreferences and Accounts> Remove Facebook from there. That is alot easier...

    I never let anyone log into the FB app on my phone just for that reason, direct them to the mobile site instead, the last time I did I got all of their contacts... all 400 of them!

    If you are having login conflicts the safest bet may be to just delete the app and reinstall it. But make sure that you remove it from the Contacts in preferences screen also... if not they may still be there.
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    actually you can just delete the account then re-add the account immediately afterwards and you should be good . it will sync right then and everything will be there.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Hey yall !! I already did all that SEVERAL TIMES before I posted this !!! Im VERY VERY frustrated !!.. I never had all these STOOPID FB contacts in my phone and the new app worked perfect to upload pics.. Now this ****, I just wanna scream.. ! .. I mean I KNOW I can take a pic, email to myself, open email @ home computer, save to home computer and log into FB on home computer and upload from home computer , HOWEVER, thats a pain in the *** and I thought the new app was for easier uploads directly to FB..... Ive re synced after delteing from contacts and readding and STILL getting the LOG IN ERROR..... HELP ME PALM !!!!!... Im fixin to blow Palm off all the way and go with Android.. If this issue isnt resolved by Christmas time , Im gonna have me an Evo..... Really was diggin my little Pixi friend but my little Pixi friend is slowly but surley turning into my little HEATHEN
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    Same problems here. 1.5 downloaded and no fix. Do they not use these applications at HP? You think someone would have complained by now. Idiots just cant seem to nail it down. If nothing amazing is announced at CES, I may have to let go of hope for Palm.

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