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    I haven't used snapfish in awhile. But if there was a decent app for it (batch photo uploads) I might start again.
    I'm surprised they havent come out with one already.
    Maybe its one of the supposed 500 apps they are gonna release one day.
    Would you guys use it?
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    it should be coming out, one would think, since hp owns snapfish.

    would def use it!
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    This and nuTsie should be a no-brainer. But no word on snapfish. yet.
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    They have an iPhone app available. Hopefully a webOS app is in the works.
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    for the love of God hp, develop a snapfish app already. i have no real need for it and will probably never use it, but that's ok. just develop it. soon it will be a year since you considered and bought palm, yet no snapfish app. what gives?

    i've heard all this talk about how easy it is to port iOS apps over to webOS, but i don't see it happening. i can understand that developers don't want to take the undertaking since webos lacks any significant traction, but you hp? what gives? do what you preach? stand behind your platform. don't just tell me your committed to webOS, show me. make the app already. for Pete's sake, you own snapfish!
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    Isnīt one of those magic points about WebOS App developing the easy to transfer or re-code your programm/App from one platform (iOS) to WebOS?

    Hello! HP! We are talking to you! Wake up! It is your own stuff! On both sides!

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