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    after some apps have been ported to webOS, because the webOS-Community has been bugging the developers, I thought:

    Why shouldn`t we give it a try and try to convince Navigon to port Mobile Navigator. It is worth trying. So please jump in and keep asking Navigon. Here is a template you could use:


    I use a Palm Pre and am looking for a stable and usable "on-board-navigation" on the Palm Pre. Like Mobile Navigator for instance! Unfortunately there are no professional solutions available for the platform webOS. I`d love to buy Mobile Navigator if there was a webOS-version!

    Porting to webOS is something a company like yours could do with probably not too much effort. The open source project "Navit" (Application:Navit - WebOS Internals) was ported to webOS by basically just 1 person, but it lacks stability, real usability and a lot of features. An independent developer ported his successful iOS-App over to webOS within just 2,5 days (Phil Hassey » Blog Archive » Porting to Palm / WebOS). Even Palm want`s to help iOS-developers to port their apps (webOS for iPhone® Developers – HP Palm Developer Center).

    WebOS is the best smartphone OS out there and with HPs marketing strength and the upcoming release of new devices it will get a better marketshare and be a true competitor to iOS and Android. The first navigation solution in the app catalog will be the most successfull. A chance you shouldn`t miss.

    PLEASE port Mobile Navigator to webOS. I would be the first to buy it!


    Mail form for Navigon:

    Or maybe in addition post to Navigons facebook page:

    Or use twitter: Navigon

    Everyone please do as I did. Who knows, maybe we can convince them. Or feel free to modify the template and start the same thing for Garmin Mobile XT or TomTom and start an additional thread here


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    Done. Copied the form and then had to re-enter the URL's as the links did not copy properly
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    Done - sent to Navigon UK.
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    Thanks, I've sent it too.
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    I did the same!
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    Now you should be aware there is gonna be a $80.00 a year cost tp upgrae the maps if they even agree to this and it's about 2.5 gig of space of mem that you loose on your phone.
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    Thanks for your help! But we need more ....

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