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    Hi all, Here is a nice little article about a high school freshman, who created the new apps for webOS contest and won $21,000 from Palm!.

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    Freshman creates phone applications, enters contestsMonday, November 01, 2010 By Emma Harding

    The Lantern - Revere High School - Freshman creates phone applications, enters contests

    Looking through his sock drawer, a student became annoyed by the fact that he did not have white athletic socks without a logo on them, so he came up with the idea to sell his own socks. Following through with this idea, he made a deal with a company in China that would manufacture the socks for a minimum order of three thousand pairs for sixty six cents each.

    Eventually, freshman Erik Godard gave up on this project due to his lack of funds, but the drive to produce something that benefits other people did not diffuse. With the same desire to create a product as he had before, Godard formed his own applications, which include games, tools, and programs for electronic devices.

    When Apple launched the iPhone, Godard researched how to make applications. At first he wanted to make applications for the iPhone but instead he created them for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi cell phones.

    "I had done some programming before, and ever since the iPhone came out, I wanted to make an app for it," Godard said.

    Without any help other than from computer programming books, Godard learned how to create applications. Godardís mother Pam Amundson described how his applications benefit many people.

    "It was all his own idea. He is self-motivated and driven. He is our Ďtech support,í" Amundson said.

    Godard entered two Palm Hot Apps contests. Judges chose the winners based on the total amount of downloads for an individual application. His most popular application, where one can play the piano, ranked seventh out of over five thousand submitted applications in the first contest. Two other applications were also rated high in the first contest. Balloon Pop, a game where balloons fly up as a player tries to pop them, came in seventeenth place, and Shake, a tool in which the phone changes color when players shake it, received a rating in the thirties.

    The contests Godard entered awarded ten thousand dollars to the top twenty submitted applications, and the next two hundred applications received two hundred dollars. Godard made a total of twenty-one thousand dollars from the contests.

    Godard first has to download the program that allows him to make applications on his home computer. Once he has finished generating the code for that specific application, he visits the Apple or Palm website and submits it. Finally, it is ready for review and published three to four days later.

    Godardís father Joel Godard explained other positive aspects he has gained from making applications.

    "He loves to be able to communicate with the world ," Joel said.

    Whether he creates socks or cell phone applications, Godard displays the drive needed to create something successful.
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    Thanks Jay - keep surfing – we love this stuff!
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    That was a great article!

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    I'm a freshman and would love to be able to develop apps. I just have to get started.
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    I love my Pre :P

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    That is awesome, and is encouraging too; especially since all he did was read programming books to learn how. I want to develop apps also, I signed up for Palms NYC dev day, looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the article.
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