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    Current Version - 0.3.0

    Notekeeper is a new notes application for Palm Pre. Notekeeper features a stylish interface and intuitive tab system that allows the user to switch between notes swiftly and to organise notes into separate Notebooks. Notekeeper also features the ability to sync your Notebooks with Google Docs to allow you to continue working with them from a computer.

    See a video of the app in action here:

    Available now in the app catalog: Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.


    v0.3.0: Google Docs now remembers details without the need to log in. Formatting of Google synced notes improved.

    v0.2.0: Google Docs username is now remembered automatically and password is remembered optionally. Notebooks can now be renamed by placing a finger below the gesture area and tapping the notebook you want to rename.


    • Ability to reorder individual notes in a notebook.
    • Ability to reorder notebooks.
    • Better formatting of sync document. (v0.3.0)
    • Additional sync features.
    • Colour coding for tabs.
    • Optional date attached to individual notes.
    • Import Notebooks from Google Docs.

    Any comments, thoughts, feature requests etc. please post below.
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    thanks for a great app!

    i have been waiting for an app like this to sync with my google doc accts because i still use notes in outlook! this app definitely has great potential in the webos community...

    however, i do have a couple of suggestions for this app:

    1. if there are icons in the dashboard, this app will not shrink the screen to show the "settings" and "sync" buttons.

    2. this app really doesn't "sync" with google docs. it simply uploads your notebook to google docs. any changes made to an existing notebook on the device is merely added to google docs as a new notebook. also, any notebook edited within google docs is not downloaded back to the device. this is really not a "sync" since this app doesn't pull down from google docs. it is more accurately an "upload" feature.

    if this app were to "sync" with google docs, it would definitely be a truly amazing app.

    perhaps in the next update or so, these issues can be fixed.

    thanks for your time...and potentially a great app!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I will take them in to consideration. In particular I will be improving the 'sync' in the next week or so. I will also be adding better formatting to the Google Docs file that is uploaded.

    The problem with the app not resizing when there are icons in the dash will also be fixed soon.

    The first update was published today. See my first post for details.
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    I just got a replacement Pre and lost all of my notes (using a competing product that lacks a sync). I'm looking for a notes application that will let me sync the data. Looking over your site and earlier posts here, it's not clear that Notekeeper truly syncs with Google Docs in the sense that notes in Google Docs can be restored to the Pre.

    Is the sync bi-directional?


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    Currently no. This is on the list to be added in the next few versions though.

    For now the sync just uploads.

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